The Soulflower Collective

Tarot & astrology readings. Spiritual growth and intuitive development.
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The Soulflower is a collective of different modalities with one goal in mind, to connect back to self. The focus of this platform is to provide a safe space to explore all aspects of our experience whether that be joy or sadness or both. The Soulflower Collective will open up a topic each week to dive deeper into our experience and emotions. Every Monday, we will be providing the topic of the week along with a weekly podcast featuring a special guest. On Wednesday β€˜s, we will be releasing a weekly astrology and tarot check in. Sacred Sunflower readings will consist of a birth chart or tarot reading individually. These sessions vary in price and time depending on what you are looking for. Check out my Tarot and Astrology page for more information.

Boulder, Colorado, United States, North America