Stacey Soleil

I'm an OG social media influencer who was part of the original SoCal Twitteratti
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I live in Orange County, but socialize in Los Angeles, so clients please keep that in mind...I'm open to both counties! I'm a mother of 3, a marketing professional & a member of an awesome influence community called 411 Voices. I somewhat fell into social media back in the day by "accident", but with my marketing prowess quickly found my niche and assisted all of my clientele to garner stronger brand recognition, visibility and connectivity with their desired audience. My personal brand of influence is that of authenticity with humor. I'm often referred to as super random and witty, but my audience responds well to what I bring to the table. I'm very close with many of the heaviest hitters in the influencer world as we all somewhat grew up together in the madness. Social Media is my passion and I love combining my professional aptitude with my social candor. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Fullerton, California, United States, North America