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My name is Lauren, AKA slimjimette. I started TikTok less than 3 months ago and, as of today, have over 220k followers, with that number growing daily. To make a veeerrrry long story short, I am a military brat who graduated with honors, and then fell into a nasty heroin and drug addiction for many years. I'm a white girl that raps, I currently work at a hotel, have a 5 year old son, and am studying for my Real Estate License (I'm all over the place!) I posted one of my songs, "Turn It Up", which I recorded while in rehab, less than a month ago, and it currently has over 5.5M views, almost 1M likes, and about 25k comments. After I posted that video, my account grew like crazy!! I am currently averaging well over 1,000 followers a day, with most videos now reaching at least 10,000 views weekly. In addition to my white girl rapping, I do a series called Hotel Stay PSA, as well as other viral and original content - all with my own slimjimette twist. I started a YouTube channel about a week ago, and am at over 600 subscribers and almost 2k views from my first video. I also started a FB and IG and these have been growing exponentially as well. All of my social media accounts are under the name slimjimette. Humor and music has always gotten me through my own hard times, so my hope is that I can do the same for others through my content... ...and if I can make a buck or 2 while doing that, I'd be #winning for sure ;)

San Antonio, Texas, United States, North America

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