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The name Senshudo was derived from Japanese meaning “The Way Of The Player”. This reflects our focus on helping support all of our community whether they’re casting, finding out the latest news or kicking back to enjoy a game. We’ve been working hard over the past few years in order to give our loyal community the best content and the best interactivity humanly possible. Whether you are interested in learning about a current game, interested in seeing a new game before purchasing, or just finding other players who like the same games, players have not had a single point of reference to go to get all of this in once place alongside analytics for their streams. That is, until we decided to create a spot to do just that. Senshudo is dedicated to promoting the video game industry from a player’s perspective. We have often felt that some areas of gaming news has been misrepresented or overtly politicised with no real reason. We aim to provide an unbiased view, free from any outside influences or political agenda.

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