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Kumari Suraj, named one of Vogue India’s “Top 50 Most Influential Global Indians’ ‘ of 2019; is an international visual artist, global dance icon, LGBTQ+ activist and muse. Madonna, Mya, Jody Watley, Mickey Singh, World Of Dance, Buzzfeed, Star Plus, New York Times, So You Think You Can Dance and more have featured both Kumari & their works. Kumari’s performance work as a dancer, choreographer, creative director and recording artist is a melting pot of fierce eccentricity. She is an icon of the vintage disco dance called Waacking, creator of Bollywaack, founder of the world’s first queer dance festival Waackfest, plus size model and fashion designer. For over 20 years, her unique storytelling builds bridges of conversation between contrasting communities; while enabling cultural and generational understanding that is relevant to today’s social climate.

Los Angeles, California, United States, North America

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Kumari Suraj

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