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Devonte's music is an electrifying mix of hip-hop and R&B, with a pristine pop aesthetic suited for the dance floor. Devonte's sound can be likened to a moody fusion of PartyNextDoor meets Bruno Mars. Energetic, yet subdued. His soulful vocals reveal his signature craftsmanship whereas the lyrics reveal an effortless charisma that touches you right where you are. As the oldest of 15 children, Devonté' life is marked by being a fearless trendsetter who never settles for less than what he knows he deserves. His debonaire flows give off a cadence of confidence in trying times. Storytelling is his strongest asset. As an Artist that cares deeply about people, he wants his fans to know that his success is proof that anyone can be great just as long as they commit to excellence. Being a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, art and food culture are a large part of his fabric. He loves traveling the world taking in fashion and dope food. Hip-hop is his first love. Devonté got his start as a freestyle battle rapper who jumped at the opportunity to fuse his gospel roots with his fiery emcee bravado. Having toured in Spain, France, and Germany, his taste in beats is a sort of global real estate. You can feel the electronic, rock, and grime influence, just as much as you feel the refined R&B and Soul pierce through in the songwriting and vocal performance.

Los Angeles, California, United States, North America

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