Carolina Vaydor

Automotive DIY, automotive accessories, auto tuner products, teens, father/son
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After sports injury, built my own Supercar. Now I’m an influencer for kids to get a fresh start and do something extreme and do it well. Promoter of father/son relationships, nice cars, automotive products, and almost anything else we can build an entertaining, informative theme around. Generated TikTok following of 190k followers and 3M likes in less than 3 months. Highest views in one post - 4.8M Average views - 740K per post Average likes - 129K per post Engagement - 69.2%

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States, North America

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TikTok product video w/Sports Car. Avg 1.2M views 213K likes

Carolina Vaydor

Brand impressions and conversion, viewer engagement, brand training, mind share


1.2M reach