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The Relatable Lemon


Promoting company's merchandise in a relatable way.


447 reach

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Stoner Entertainment


I create videos that reach 700k-500k frequently to broad audiences

$1K $200 deposit

20K reach

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Reviews and Unboxings!


I can pretty much do anything! I have an understanding in editing as well!

$800 $200 deposit

230K reach

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Dog and Cat product spotlight


Provide featured products to my followers. Give reviews and recommendations.


200K reach

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Mainstream Entertainment

Patrick Minor

Here to introduce your product to an audience of over 9.5 million people


9.6M reach

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Instagram stories with tags and/or swipe up links

Shaun Hover

Will feature product or service in fun/entertaining way and provide tags & links


77K reach

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Edits of your brands with Marvel

Andy King (scottlangs.eyelash)

I can edit your brand or product into edits of the MCU or the actors


10K reach

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Tiktok Video Sketch or Advertisement


I will promote your product through an ad or sketch. Preferably comedic.


100K reach