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Pranking people

Inside Guyana

Sharing a first taste of your food products or restaurant!


15K reach

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Pockitsnacks randomness


Sharing the greatness of your food products or drinks or whatever you want


2K reach

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Promoting A Business/Company while making my coffee.

Emily Smith

I am known for my content, & would incorporate your product into a video.


255.3K reach

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Steph & Kayls “Product Integration” TikTok Package

Steph & Kayls

We are promoting the product during our video without specially talking about it

$1.1K $550 deposit

500K reach

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We will sell your brand


We are advertising your brand for our fan base & others around the world!


100K reach

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Let’s eat !

Giselle June

Sharing a first taste of your food products or restaurant!


15.5K reach

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I film illusions, magic, and positivity videos.


Bring 600,000+ people to your company and potentially become your customers.

$300 $150 deposit

660K reach

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TikTok branded content


Giving you the possibility of exposure to 348k people

$500 $250 deposit

350K reach

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A Unique Brand Integration

Darrell Hester

Creating a unique, interesting and funny video that showcases your brand!


230K reach

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Yourfriendjennifer enjoying your restaurant or activity


I will come to your restaurant or activity and make a 15 second TikTok video

$250 $75 deposit

19K reach

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Cooking or Eating Product on Live


Sharing or cooking with your food item while on Tiktok Live


10K reach