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Tiktok Comedy Style Brand Video

Zarah Mariah

I will make a comedy style video about your product to an audience of 740k.


740K reach

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1 post using your brand's products.


Create a tiktok videos utilizing your nail products to create nail art.


2.8K reach

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I am advertising your products on my platform in videos.


I will make videos testing your product or promote them while I'm live.


3.7K reach

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Recipe Inspiration: An IG Post, Story & Highlight Package

Casually Coastal

I will use and feature your brand's product in a recipe I create or make.


2.5K reach

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Short, Pun-filled review video


Makes short, funny unboxing and review video opening nerdy products


800 reach

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diy candle style


Make videos according to your requirements and publish on tiktok and IG

$200 $100 deposit

560K reach

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TikTok advertisement (comedy)


Up to 60 second video about the product of your choice on my tiktok page.


12.5K reach

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Brand Placement Comedy Video


I‘ll create a comedy video with the product and link to the website in my bio


33K reach

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TikTok Promotion (via vlog/skit)


I will promote a product or idea to my audience by creating a catchy funny video


11.7K reach

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TikTok product video w/Sports Car. Avg 1.2M views 213K likes

Carolina Vaydor

Brand impressions and conversion, viewer engagement, brand training, mind share


1.2M reach

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Product Placement

John Williams

Placement of your product in a 15 or 60 second tiktok


800 reach