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Ranting about it

Dadley Jenkins

My tik tok is 99% me talking about anything, have your product be a part of that


40K reach

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Sponsored Post


Devon (host) will read copy at the end of an episode, plus link in description


733K reach

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Using your product in a TikTok post.


I can highlight your product and give a shout out, or just use it subtly.

$750 $112 deposit

157.7K reach

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TikTok post


I will share why I love your brand with a Tiktok


11K reach

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Mentioning and/or showing your product

Rescued Piggies

We'd be happy to show or mention your product in one of our videos!


25K reach

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Live Primetime Highlight

Allen Birdcam

A prime time logo on live stream along with a in chat shout out too our viewers.

$300 $150 deposit

150K reach

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Financial Sponsorship


I will promote your financial product/application as long as I support it!


21.7K reach

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BradyYourTutor 130,000 Followers


Creating a TikTok showing off your product or service and your offer


85K reach

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Popular Tik Tok Videos Made For You-Will Do What You Need

Emily Carey

I will make videos on Tik Tok about your product. I will feature it any way!


25K reach