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video spotlighting your show, film, book, or product


A film/TV Media tik tokker and youtber with over avid 200,000 followers


200K reach

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TikTok Branded Comedy Video


Comedic, family-friendly content based in anime and nerd culture


10.3K reach

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PoptoonsTV’s cartoon video TikTok promotion


We will promote your product through a Cartoon video of ours or create a new one


500K reach

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Anime Reaction Based Content


I make reaction videos on Tiktok, that are predominantly about anime.


50K reach

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Anime and Cartoon reaction videos


any type of visual advertisement in front of my TV screen as I react to shows


55K reach

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Custom Rugs

S-Class Supply

I'm reaching a large fanbase of anime/super hero followers


70K reach

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Famous Animations on TikTok, Future anime show creator.

Naka Voltz

I create animated videos and memes for people to enjoy and notice my characters.


2M reach

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art supply demo


advertising & trying out art supplies in real time for my followers


40K reach

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I will mention your product in a tiktok


I will post one of my usual tiktoks but slip in your product and talk about it

$400 $60 deposit

130K reach

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Short Game Review

Luke McFarland

A short video reviewing the positive features I enjoyed in your game.


14.5K reach