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Lisa Faye

I’m always asked about my hair, clothes, and diet


3.8K reach

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Will post on feet or other sneaker post in support of products


9K reach

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Ocean Love


I am an environmentalist and yogini that host beach cleanups in Santa Monica.


8.2K reach

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Dress a castmember!

New Dogs, Old Tricks

One of our actors will wear your apparel and share it on their social media

$2.5K $1.2K deposit

500K reach

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Instagram Story Post Showcasing Your Product

Arthur Lung

I will post a story about using your product to help me travel, take photos, etc


1.1K reach

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CES 2018 Coverage


We will meet you at your booth at CES and will create coverage video

$250 $100 deposit

50K reach

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Basic Promo Package

Megan Milan

Creating aesthetically pleasing photos for my viewers, highlighting your brand!


51K reach

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Random's "Custom Creation Extravaganza" YouTube Package


Modeling fashion for my followers, Review mobile apps, Using Protein Shaker Cups


5.5K reach

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Outdoor Lifestyle TEN Photo Pack

Yuki Outside

I'll provide you TEN photos and one shoutout on my Instagram post and one story.


1.1K reach

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Outdoor Lifestyle Photo Package

Yuki Outside

I'll provide a photo and a shout out to your outdoor gear product or service


1.1K reach