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Dank animations for people to laugh at


I will promote your short ad or video on my page for everyone to see.


1M reach

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Brandon's Live Stream Package


Providing exposure to your product/content through my livestreams!


6K reach

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I am looking for a brand that will entrust me with their products to advertise o


1.4K reach

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TikTok skits/music videos

Gael Garzon

I will create a video showcasing your product/ service and a link in our bio


12K reach

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slimjimette's Funny AF Brand Promo


I will make a fun, unique, and humorous video to promote your brand

$800 $120 deposit

224K reach

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Nathan’s TikTok Promotion Package

Nathan Kousol

I will promote products by wearing the product in a video or talking about it.

$1K $250 deposit

200K reach

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Video sponsorship


A 60 second video add plugging your product/brand to bring customers to you.

$1K $500 deposit

691K reach

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POV (point of view) TikToks

Brennen Van (POV Tiktok Influencer)

I will create a tiktok talking about your product Or use your music in my video


432K reach

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Hilarious, Opinionated, & Real


I promote your products in fun and easy to understand ways.


100 reach