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Sponsored video

Alexis Laguna

I will create a meme tik tok and will include the sponsor in the video


10K reach

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Motorcyclist & Outdoorsman Goods & Services TikTok Package


Promoting brands & companies geared around motorcyclists/outdoorsmen/farm life


4.5K reach

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Video featuring product


I will post a video featuring the product or even reviewing if sponser prefers


42K reach

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High Engagement Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Videos


I make Jiu Jitsu content on TikTok with incredibly high engagement from users


50K reach

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parenting, babies

kaitlyn paige hardy

advertising baby products, parent products, post partum, pregnancy, etc


46.7K reach

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Show the world your talent

Vivian Chacon

Recording a 60 sec video to modeling fashion and reacting to any product sent.


14K reach

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trying to get sponsored


I will display their product and show my followers about their wonderful product


35 reach