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Gaming Video


I make small gaming views that get 500 - 1M views


7.8K reach

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Create A Commercial or music Video On Tik Tok OF your Brand

shalom kolontarov

I will create a video of your brand to promote on my social media if you life

$600 $60 deposit

100K reach

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Live Stream Interactive Overlay Graphic


Create a fun branded "Pop Up" graphic experience on our live stream!


8.3K reach

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Promotion of food,products,apps


I will make a funny video around your product and ask my followers to buy

$750 $337 deposit

150K reach

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Ben’s “remote control gadgets”


If sent a rc gadget to review I’ll make 4 videos reviewing it aswell as linking


15K reach

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Tik tok and music


I will post videos on my Instagram and tik tok, if wanted on youtube too.


10K reach

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Mountain bike related videos.

Jade Rohde

I will use your bike related product in a video, and tag your company.


20.2K reach

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Tech Instagram Post and Story

Alexis Yrigoyen

An Instagram post & story set featuring your tech or gadget product.


21K reach

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1 TikTok Product Placement

Lenny Hunt

Your product will be used as a prop in a TikTok post.


184K reach