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Understanding Neurodivergents Through Exposure


Advertising helpful products for ADHD hyperactivity and general mental health.


18K reach

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Advertise Your Product On Tiktok


i will advertise your product and say as many great words as i can


1.6K reach

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product promo


I will promote your product using a video and link in my bio


4K reach

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Technology Video Promotion Package


I will create videos based on anything with cyber security and computer systems.


58K reach

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I Breed Ball Pythons and sell them

David Govan

Advertising, promoting things related to reptiles or just pets in general


10K reach

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Pockitsnacks randomness


Sharing the greatness of your food products or drinks or whatever you want


2K reach

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TikTok and YouTube Bio Sponsorship

Maximum Payne

I will place your brand in my TikTok and YouTube Channel Bio for 1 month.

$250 $125 deposit

61K reach

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Creating an opportunity to help extend your business


I am trying to get your brand or items out there for other people to buy


15K reach