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Dedicated Video and/or caption shoutout

Casey Napier

I can do a dedicated product review or explain and shout-out your product!


381 reach

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Permanent Outfit Inspo Video

Fragmented Psyche

Promoting mental wellness through feeling good about yourself


44K reach

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Trendy Fashion Post


Got the presets covered to make sure your brand will be seen and wanted

$300 $150 deposit

28.6K reach

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Showing your style!


I show off your style for you with my 3K Followers!


3K reach

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Tik tok content creator!


i can make a video dedicated or i can link a URL in my bio.


44K reach

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I create Christian videos for all ages to enjoy


Create multiple videos showing off your brand and will do a review/


4.3K reach

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A Shout from the Emcee

Trulee Thee Emcee

Your Emcee, Trulee, is offering in-style sponsored content.


4K reach

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"Acting videos"

Amell P.

"I will promote your brand on my tiktok"

$3.5K $1K deposit

690K reach

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unique and strategic instagram Promotion


1 post with sponsor tagged and mentioned, 2 Stories with Tag, hashtag and link


19K reach