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Tik Tok review and plug

Seneca Gaughan

I will share and review your product. Includes plugging your prefered media.


55K reach

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Product Review

Max Santopietro

I will review your products in a one-minute , funny video


65.5K reach

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I do shoutouts and imma video editor And pic Editor I

damarco sells

I do product testing u give me of your free products and I shoutout your company


1K reach

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TikTok Videos for your Brand

Josh Ackerman

I will create a series of videos with your product on my Tiktok account


25K reach

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We create soccer and Fifa related clips

Fut Munch

We can make some videos promoting your product and mentioning you


1.9K reach

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Tips & tricks by Kenz

Kenzie Reinhart

I’ll share and promote your product on my Instagram and TikTok


16K reach

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Character Fashion Tik Tok

Bunny Bby

Creating characters from books and video games with different outfits


4.5K reach

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Product Showcase

DJ Legato

Going to post a picture of your product on ALL my social media platforms.


200K reach

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Showtime W Que


I will advertise your product or service that is given.


100K reach