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Ad Videos

Lauren Case

Fun and innovative promotional video of your product or service!


852K reach

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Funny and relatable videos


I bring in 2m views a week and average well over 50k views a vid (lots 100k+}


100K reach

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8 SECOND Rubik's Cube Solve! TikTok/YouTube Package


I will incorporate your product in a LIGHTNING-SPEED Rubik's Cube Solve video!


200K reach

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3 post Package

OKC Always

Advertising product on 3 Instagram posts, one by itself, 2 on carousel


2.2K reach

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Promotion video/ Instagram and tiktok Post

Fade Jumps

An Promotion of your product or game. We can also give it a review


300 reach

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Lifestyle and Entertainment

Diana Z

I create engaging and entertaining skits to feature your products.

$2.2K $1.1K deposit

450K reach

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Instagram Photo or Reels Post


Posting a Photo or Reel post about your product or service


7.5K reach

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I Will Make A 1-2 Minute TikTok Reviewing Your Gaming Gear!

Logan C

An honest review of your product/demonstration of performance and useability


1.2K reach