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I’m A TikTok Dancer I Love To Dance And Have Fun While It :)

Luis Torres

I will Try My Best To Promote Your Product Physically or Virtually In My Videos


700 reach

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Political videos & expressing my feelings on current events


I will mention you in all my videos and inspire others to come to you!


12.1K reach

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TikTok integrations


Mention of brand in 3-5 different TikTok’s


1M reach

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60 seconds Mention On YouTube Video


Mention your product for 60 seconds at the end of my video


220K reach

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Trending videos


I gain a lot of views in my videos i create, one of them has surpassed 9 million


1M reach

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$250 $125 deposit

92.8K reach

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Georgia IMPACT AAPI campaign

Jashima Wadehra

Facilitating influencer and content creator outreach

$1.8K $262 deposit

550K reach

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I will tell everyone of your product.


I will tell everyone about your product to how ever many people you want!

$1K $350 deposit

1M reach

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I will make a tiktok and sneak in your product.


5.1K reach

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My kids think I’m a superhero


Content creator on tiktok working on a blog to up my follow count


9K reach