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Tiktok Post

Latisha De’Cruisa

Video review posted to Tiktok feed and promoted


6.6K reach

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Minecraft Tiktoks


I will create a video promoting your business/idea!

$650 $130 deposit

75K reach

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Manifestation Initial Post (for sounds)

Ashley A. Love

I will create one of my infamous initial posts with your sound playing.

$250 $125 deposit

100K reach

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Outfit Inspo

Landon Cooley-Themm

Using fashion to bring positivity to my feed


78.8K reach

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Creator/comedian, whom people relate to!

Sahar MK

Making your brand memorable by creating a positive & playful image in ppl’s mind


12.5K reach

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The Relatable Lemon


Promoting company's merchandise in a relatable way.


447 reach

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video spotlighting your show, film, book, or product


A film/TV Media tik tokker and youtber with over avid 200,000 followers


200K reach