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Spreading the word about your company by showcasing your products in reviews!


21.4K reach

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Tech Product Review


An honest review of your product video draft giving prior to upload!


12K reach

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Showing off your product


I would show off your product that is music equipment or fashion for my artists


1.7K reach

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Hunting and Fishing facts videos


Can positively review and demonstrate fishing or hunting gear


36K reach

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Promoting A Business/Company while making my coffee.

Emily Smith

I am known for my content, & would incorporate your product into a video.


255.3K reach

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Car reviews for you!

Colton Harmon

I can showcase your car, brand, review it, or make a nice video showing it off.

$500 $125 deposit

592 reach

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1 TikTok Product Placement

Lenny Hunt

Your product will be used as a prop in a TikTok post.


184K reach

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1 Live Product Review/Reaction

Lenny Hunt

Your product will be reviewed/reacted to during a LIVE TikTok show.


184K reach

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4 TikTok Product Placement Posts & 1 Live Review/Reaction

Lenny Hunt

Use your products as props in TikToks and reviewed during live shows.


184K reach

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Creative Tik Tok Promotion

Maggie Garrison

A 15-60 second Tik Tok promoting your brand/product to an audience of 44,000.


44K reach

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TikTok Song

Emily Jacobsen

I will create a short song/ode related to your product or business


22.1K reach