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Using/Testing a gaming related product


We will use the product, give our thoughts, and shout you out!


4K reach

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Creating short “Gamer-girl” videos with cute TikTok dances!


I will create short videos showing off your products or shouting our your brand!

$400 $100 deposit

80K reach

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Sponsored blog posts on games, apps & hardware

Wagner James Au

Post on long-running, frequently cited VR/MMO blog w/150-180K/mo views


30K reach

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First Look @ Your Game

The Gamer Scot

A first impressions series where I give feedback on new and upcoming games.


600 reach

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IAB Skyscraper Display Ad – 30 days


IAB Skyscraper (or Wide Skyscraper) display ad to run on Thumbsticks for 30 days


100K reach

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Product Advertorial


One 300-word "Product Advertorial" that follows IAB guidelines.


40K reach

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First Play Live!

Carlos Ferro

Livecast of my first play of your game and invite my fans to play with me.


12K reach