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Woodworking product reviews/opening

juddy official

will make honest, relatable, POV fun and informative videos about your products


20K reach

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Unique Perspective

J-Man Reviews

Giving insight to your product via Instagram and/or YouTube


1K reach

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Feature your product in my workshop


We’ll use your product in our content, feature it, and share a purchase link


1K reach

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Educational Woodworking & DIY content

Joshua Billups

I love helping people achieve their woodworking and DIY goals!


500 reach

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Building your products in roblox


I will build your products in roblox build a boat and will promote them


100 reach

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Parts and Tools Needed for DIY Repairs

DIY Repairs Now

Showcasing Parts and Tools Needed for Different DIY Repairs and More


118K reach

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60 Second TikTok Featuring Your Brand

Renovating Our Home

We will showcase your brand/product in a dedicated TikTok post


620K reach

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The Fantastic Santa Monaco, a Feature Film

The Fantastic Santa Monaco

Feature your product/service onscreen and have it written into the story!

$3K $600 deposit

600K reach

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Dedicated Creative Tik Tok Video!

Lexi DIY

I will create a DIY or styling video to share with my 262,000+ followers!


262.7K reach