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Comedy, Voice Acting, Livestreams, Pranks, Music Performance


Unique, clever & engaging integrations for your brand/product/service!


417K reach

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Tik Tok Mental Health Comedy

Zoey Alexx

I will advertise your product or platform especially if it helps people.


5K reach

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Aesthetic videos

Brian Mastroianni

I create aesthetic videos with a vintage vibe and implement guitar into them


35K reach

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Jacob Smith: Comedy Creator and TikTok Influencer.


I will show my followers why your product is worth checking out and exploring.


65K reach

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Comedic tiktok content and spreading positivity


Making relatable Tiktok content that incorporates your brand into pop culture.


20K reach

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Short, entertaining and funny interactive videos


Featuring your brand in my video towards the very end of each video


155.6K reach

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Eric Who? Entertainment

Eric Who?

Promoting / Advertising Products I genuinely love to my followers.


67.5K reach

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Im making meme


I will show my viewers some sort of video of your stuff.


10K reach

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Using voice over videos or songs and making it unique.

Zack Aharoni

Taking their products and using it in a comedic way in my videos.


100K reach

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Branded comedy video


Create a comedy video involving your product or service


20K reach