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LGBTQ+ Themed TikTok


I will feature your brand or product in a TikTok we can design together!


80K reach

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TikTok branded content


Giving you the possibility of exposure to 348k people

$500 $250 deposit

350K reach

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Sponsored Content

Katelyn Ladewig

i’ll include your product in my videos and get it seen by thousands of followers


10.7K reach

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Outfit and Lifestyle Post


I will utilize your products (fashion, jewelry, food,etc) in fun & upbeat tiktok


10K reach

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5 TikToks with Your Product!


I am a body positive TikToker who is looking to inspire people of all sizes!


30.4K reach

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Hire me for a photoshoot!

Michael Murphy

If you want trans inclusivity in your photoshoot, I’m the one to get!

$1K $250 deposit

52K reach

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Comedy Video with a Message

Alan Chikin Chow

Create a branded comedy skit video that delivers a message to my audience

$7.5K $3.8K deposit

4M reach

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TikTok Videos for your Brand

Josh Ackerman

I will create a series of videos with your product on my Tiktok account


25K reach

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Tiktok reviews + promotion


Will honestly review products + promote + use them in multiple videos


3.8K reach

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Five separate TikToks that display your product.


Five TikToks (1 a day) that feature, but not focus on, your product


600K reach