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Feature your product in my workshop


We’ll use your product in our content, feature it, and share a purchase link


1K reach

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Custom Ad Placement during the Where are they? Podcast

Where are they? Podcast

Creating a custom ad to play during podcast, YouTube episode and Social Media.


4K reach

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Boujee On A Budget


Showcasing affordable brands for home decor, beauty products, appliances.

$700 $70 deposit

140K reach

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60 Second TikTok Featuring Your Brand

Renovating Our Home

We will showcase your brand/product in a dedicated TikTok post


620K reach

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Steph & Kayls “Product Integration” TikTok Package

Steph & Kayls

We are promoting the product during our video without specially talking about it

$1.1K $550 deposit

500K reach

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POV (point of view) TikToks

Brennen Van (POV Tiktok Influencer)

I will create a tiktok talking about your product Or use your music in my video


432K reach

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Single posts to twitter chats

Champagne Living Media

I offer single tweets, multiples and even twitter chats to my large audience


100K reach

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Product Placement


product placement into a family-friendly vlog


416.1K reach

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Product/Service Dedicated Video


3-5 minute dedicated video on a family-friendly vlog channel


416K reach

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Product/Service Review Integration


2-3 minute integration into a family-friendly vlog


416.1K reach

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Parenting/Family IG Story Only


1 Instagram product post and 1 unboxing using Instagram stories


21.1K reach