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A funny, creative unboxing/demonstration


I will unbox/use your product in a way that makes the audience engage and laugh


120K reach

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BradyYourTutor 130,000 Followers


Creating a TikTok showing off your product or service and your offer


85K reach

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Creative Tik Tok Promotion

Maggie Garrison

A 15-60 second Tik Tok promoting your brand/product to an audience of 44,000.


44K reach

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Relatable Fun Teen audience


Will introduce product on my most popular trendy videos for the most views


100K reach

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TikTok Featuring your Product!

Gracie Cunningham

I will make my content with your product in the video!


31.7K reach

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TikTok product video w/Sports Car. Avg 1.2M views 213K likes

Carolina Vaydor

Brand impressions and conversion, viewer engagement, brand training, mind share


1.2M reach

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Simona’s Ideal Skincare Brand

Simona Le

I will be showing off skincare products that I receive.


206 reach

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Comedic tiktok content and spreading positivity


Making relatable Tiktok content that incorporates your brand into pop culture.


20K reach

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Advertise your brand!

Kiersten Haymes

I am able to review products, and then promote brands and products.


19.5K reach