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TikTok Song Promotion


I will use your song in my TikTok videos

$600 $300 deposit

3.7M reach

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TikTok Product Promotion


I will promote your product on my page and shout you out!

$10K $5K deposit

3.7M reach

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Martin’s Fashionable Instagram Package

Martin aka Cj

I will be creating high profile pictures/video reels of your product


3.3K reach

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Deyvis’s Elite Promotion Package


I’d creatively promote which ever product you’d want me to.

$1.2K $600 deposit

441K reach

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A Tiktok video on a movie you want promoted


Movie industries - facts about your movie that will be posted on my page


10K reach

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$450 $45 deposit

90K reach

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Video sponsorship


A 60 second video add plugging your product/brand to bring customers to you.

$1K $500 deposit

691K reach

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Promotion for your product/store/game


I will promote your product/store/game for a small fee on my tiktok.


47.4K reach

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Branded YouTube Video

Hamptons to Hollywood

Creating a customized editorial YouTube video that marries your brand with ours.

$1.4K $350 deposit

15K reach

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Sponsor Mention

Tom DeCicco

Video Mention with logo and website. "Todays video is sponsored by, _________."

$500 $250 deposit

10K reach

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Random's "Custom Creation Extravaganza" YouTube Package


Modeling fashion for my followers, Review mobile apps, Using Protein Shaker Cups


5.5K reach