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Funny and relatable content for fans

James Ng

Help the grow and get their product out through social media


14K reach

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I could make a video of me talking about your business


I would be bringing in a attention and could make business more active


150 reach

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Advertisement of Brand

The Moist Bois

We will advertise your brand too all of our viewers


16K reach

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A Tiktok video on a movie you want promoted


Movie industries - facts about your movie that will be posted on my page


10K reach

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Custom Tiktok Package

Moe Kihen

A creative, relatable & funny endorsement of your product or brand


110.3K reach

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Crime Content


I would be advertising your product or brand name


31.7K reach

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Promoting your brand or music


I will promote your brand, product or music on my account.


120K reach

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Product Unboxing / Brand Shoutout in Video

darius kane

I would love to work with a sponsor to showcase their product/show in a video!


28K reach

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Ventriloquist video


Fun ventriloquist video promoting your brand on my TikTok


851K reach