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Trendy Fashion Post


Got the presets covered to make sure your brand will be seen and wanted

$300 $150 deposit

28.6K reach

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Creating funny, entertaining, and energetic content

Jillian Lemieux

Create posts advertising products through my tiktoks in unique and engaging ways


39.1K reach

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Trending videos


I gain a lot of views in my videos i create, one of them has surpassed 9 million


1M reach

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Promote Your Brand On My Account Cheap


I will promote your brand,app,website,game or what you want on 7k follower acc


20K reach

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Instagram Story + Swipe Up

Kristen Van Nest

I'll post your product in my Instagram feed with a swipe up link


14.5K reach

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Product Review


I’ll review your product in 3 different videos. Each video will be 45 seconds.


19.5K reach

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Short, entertaining and funny interactive videos


Featuring your brand in my video towards the very end of each video


155.6K reach