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Tiktok package for maximum exposure


I will advertise your product give you the most views with guaranteed exposure


80.4K reach

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I will review your gaming product or service!


Giving an honest review of your product or service to my followers!


51.9K reach

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LP-Rent-A-Cop Brand Deal


When I go live, I will announce that the live/ video is being sponsored by you.


13.3K reach

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Genuine & Expressive Reactions to Your Game for 2 Hours


Stream or recording of me playing and reacting to your game for the first time.


3.7K reach

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A "tips and tricks" video for streamers featuring your brand


I'll create a viral TikTok video for small streamers that pushes your product


500K reach

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Product Reviews and More


I am an energetic, young, and happy tiktoker with a lot of minds to watch.

$1K $100 deposit

330K reach

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4 second add read in 20 second video

Experimental Military

A 4 second ad read for your brand in videos averaging 100k+ views

$300 $120 deposit

75K reach

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Promotional Tweet


Showcase yourself on Twitter to a high-value demographic of competitive gamers.


10.2K reach

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Feature/review your product in a video post!

Daily Valorant

Will mention/show product with VO in a fun/energetic manner tying it to gaming.


10K reach