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Feature/review your product in a video post!

Daily Valorant

Will mention/show product with VO in a fun/energetic manner tying it to gaming.


10K reach

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Gaming Brand Booster

YG Trippin

I will show your gaming brand to my 25K followers and show them what gamers love


25.6K reach

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Live Gameplay: Games w/ Viewers


Livecasting a playthrough of your product, showcasing features w/ my community.


6K reach

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Live play-through

Saige Ryan

I'll share a live play-through of your game with my audience!

$700 $350 deposit

3K reach

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Using/Testing a gaming related product


We will use the product, give our thoughts, and shout you out!


4K reach

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$350 $175 deposit

29.7K reach

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TikTok Comedy/anime content sponsored posts


i Will Create a TikTok video of me wearing your product and promoting it


10K reach

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Creating short “Gamer-girl” videos with cute TikTok dances!


I will create short videos showing off your products or shouting our your brand!

$400 $100 deposit

80K reach

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LIVE blind playthrough!


I will live stream my first playthrough of your game - giving feedback & Q/A

$350 $175 deposit

8K reach

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Making people laugh on tik tok

simo chad

Making people laugh on tik tok i can do a video showing you product on tik tok


27K reach