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Product placement or brand endorsement


I will make a video either about your product or just as a part of the video


169.4K reach

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Product Photos

Martin Wong

Introduce a new product to an audience with professional photos


94.6K reach

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Creating short “Gamer-girl” videos with cute TikTok dances!


I will create short videos showing off your products or shouting our your brand!

$400 $100 deposit

80K reach

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Promotion for your product/store/game


I will promote your product/store/game for a small fee on my tiktok.


47.4K reach

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Product Advertorial


One 300-word "Product Advertorial" that follows IAB guidelines.


40K reach

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Sponsor a Highly Engaged Image Post

Third Party Podcast

We can design the creative for a giveaway specifically tailored to our audience


18.5K reach

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Short Game Review

Luke McFarland

A short video reviewing the positive features I enjoyed in your game.


14.5K reach

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AD On My Website


I Will Post An AD For Your Product On My Website


10K reach