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Jempanada's Product Review Package


Blog about your product and share what I like about it with 2k viewers/month


2K reach

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First Look @ Your Game

The Gamer Scot

A first impressions series where I give feedback on new and upcoming games.


600 reach

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Product Photos

Martin Wong

Introduce a new product to an audience with professional photos


94.6K reach

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Gameplay Review Showcasing Game/Product


Typical review type format that runs between 10-20 minutes going over the item.


34.7K reach

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Product Advertorial


One 300-word "Product Advertorial" that follows IAB guidelines.


40K reach

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Hearthstone Madness Live

Mike Prasad

Sponsor a live Hearthstone strategy talk and I'll showoff your gaming product!


3.9K reach

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Promotional Pictures

Crix Lee

Images of brands/business/events/products/pets posted through Instagram.


10K reach