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Shining a light on slept on products and movies


Introducing there product at the beginning of the video for maximum reach.


80K reach

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Comedy skit on product or movie scene

Andrew Horvitz

Create a funny comedy skit about product or movie scene of your choice


1K reach

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CREATIVE High Quality Sponsored Post / Advertising

Addie Bowley

I will be creating a post for my TikTok page which includes your product!

$300 $60 deposit

140K reach

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1 TikTok Video Showcasing Your Brand/Product/Merchandise


1 15-30 second video showcasing, hashtagging, and tagging your brand/product

$250 $125 deposit

321K reach

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Comedy videos/skits

Inferno Arts

I create comedy videos/skits. Some involving a trick I can do with my tongue


700K reach

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A funny, creative unboxing/demonstration


I will unbox/use your product in a way that makes the audience engage and laugh


120K reach

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Tik Tok featuring your product

Hayden is Formica

I will use your product in the video and tell my viewers where they can get one.


5K reach

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Jayraj Gill: Comedy Videos + Real Talk/Motivational Content

Jayraj Gill

Promoting your brand through comedy, inspiration, and fun to young South Asians


15K reach

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TikTok Promotion (via vlog/skit)


I will promote a product or idea to my audience by creating a catchy funny video


11.7K reach