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Elizabeth’s package for tik tok

Elizabeth Butcher

I’m here to sponsor and share what you want me to share.


40K reach

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Short Video Creation/Product Placement


I’ll make short videos promoting whatever it is the Sponsors need promoted.

$1.3K $650 deposit

248.6K reach

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Lifestyle Advertisement

Shayla Welch

I will be making a video opening up package and showing how I use the product!

$250 $125 deposit

50K reach

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A creative look post and how-to story!


5 reach

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Women's Instagram Fashion Post

Alexa Keith

I will create stylized content for my viewers through picture(s) and/or video(s)


50K reach

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Creating a 10-15 second Tik tok video


Wearing or advertising a brand to promote to users in a Tik tok video.

$300 $150 deposit

85K reach

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Make An Impact Series

Eddy Faulkner

Aligning you with brands, creators, spaces and myself who are making an impact.

$6.5K $3.2K deposit

1.3M reach

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Instagram Promotion

Chris Mangos

Promoting your brand or product to tens of thousands of followers.


55K reach

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Sponsored YouTube Video

Mimi Bascom

I will feature your product/brand at the beginning of a YouTube video.


1.7K reach