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Product Review

I will promote your product on my page and incorporate it across multiple videos


1.6M reach

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Creative BBQ recipes, educational and hilarious

Ted Reader

will cook with your product and testify its quality to a large audience.

$650 $325 deposit

150K reach

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Funny voiceovers and bad lip reading.


I will create a funny viral video about your company or product, truly uniquely.

$200 $100 deposit

100K reach

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Initial Taste Testing!


I will review packaging, smell, taste, texture, and quality of your product!


9.3K reach

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Cinematic, Mouthwatering Reels

Fetau Films

I will create a product video that shows off your product’s colors and textures!


2K reach

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product placement and content creation package

Anmol Tahir

Promote products through natural placement or create tailored content for you


7.2K reach

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A Global Grubs Experience

Global Grubs

I'll take videos and photos, edit them and post them to my pages to promote.


16K reach

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Joshua’s Culture Spotlight TikTok Post And Story Package


I will promote a product or brand with a permanent post as well as a story.


2K reach

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Custom At Home Recipes with products


I will utilize a product in to an easy tasty recipe for an at home consumer


1.5K reach

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I Will Make An AD For Your Product On My Website


I Will Create A Redirect Button On My Website For Your Product


10K reach