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$350 $175 deposit

300 reach

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I will give yall a shoutout and give away with gear from yal

Deadly Faith

upgrade my team gear and give back to the community with stuff yall give to us


247 reach

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Charlie’s TikTok sponsorship

Charlie Lee

I am willing to create video(s) about your product to promote it.


4.5K reach

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Creating an opportunity to help extend your business


I am trying to get your brand or items out there for other people to buy


15K reach

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A Unique Brand Integration

Darrell Hester

Creating a unique, interesting and funny video that showcases your brand!


230K reach

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Instagram Fashion Photo Post


Shot of your clothing / accessories in a beautiful setting!

$1.2K $600 deposit

100.3K reach

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Five separate TikToks that display your product.


Five TikToks (1 a day) that feature, but not focus on, your product


600K reach

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One dedicated video to promote your product.


A full-length TikTok made to show-off and cleverly promote your product/service.


600K reach

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One time Sponsering Post (Product)


I will do one Tiktok Post using your product, sharing the code and site info


200K reach

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Product Placement TikTok


A TikTok Post and a Link to the Product in My Bio


20K reach