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Personalized Content Creation


Promoting product through skits, short-videos, and educational videos


24K reach

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TikTok Advertising


Creating a funny and informative video promo for tiktok


3.7K reach

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Shout-out Your Tiktok to 180,000 Fans

Krampus Gaming

I'll give your Tiktok profile a shout-out to my 180,000 Tiktok fans!


180K reach

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$450 $45 deposit

90K reach

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I will make a tiktok and sneak in your product.


5.1K reach

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Tik Tok review and plug

Seneca Gaughan

I will share and review your product. Includes plugging your prefered media.


26K reach

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Pup Zero ( LGBT )

Pup Zero

I would wear any kind of leather or lgbt clothing on my videos and promote it!


17.5K reach

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a tik tok video made just for your brand


showing off your product in an energetic 20 second long video!


53K reach

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TikTok skits/music videos

Gael Garzon

I will create a video showcasing your product/ service and a link in our bio


12K reach

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TikTok Package to thousands of viewers

pX KromatiK

I’m able to show/promote your product or service to thousands of viewers.


1K reach