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$200 $100 deposit

4K reach

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Enjoyable , Relatable Content..Including Music, Skits & More


I Will Bring awareness, traffic, real engagement and possible sales for brand

$250 $125 deposit

50K reach

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Product Excitement

Emily Kay

When I post videos of me when I'm excited, they tend to get a lot of views.


15.5K reach

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Funny videos


I create funny videos, comedy, lifestyle and inspirational videos.


20K reach

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Gemini Guice Box


Creating a comedic video cleverly featuring your product or service


5.1K reach

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ILY Truly's "Brand To Fans" Instagram Package

ILY Truly

Posting pictures and/ or videos of your brand on all of my social media accounts

$300 $150 deposit

50K reach

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Instagram Product/Service Video


I will create a 15-30 second video showcasing your product/service


5K reach

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Instagram Post


1 post showcasing your brand/product/merch. Tagging and hashtagging your brand.

$400 $200 deposit

28K reach

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My kids think I’m a superhero


Content creator on tiktok working on a blog to up my follow count


9K reach

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Showcasing Diverse History


Reviewing and making dedicated videos for brands.

$835 $417 deposit

167K reach

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Skinny Legend


Creating and posting customized content to promote your product


12K reach