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Creator/comedian, whom people relate to!

Sahar MK

Making your brand memorable by creating a positive & playful image in ppl’s mind


13.5K reach

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Showing off your product


I would show off your product that is music equipment or fashion for my artists


1.7K reach

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Welcome to Marvinentertain the Best in Entertainment!

Marvin Entertain

I am bringing content that makes people smile & connect with thousands of people


11K reach

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I film illusions, magic, and positivity videos.


Bring 600,000+ people to your company and potentially become your customers.

$300 $150 deposit

660K reach

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Tiktok Comedy Style Brand Video

Zarah Mariah

I will make a comedy style video about your product to an audience of 740k.


740K reach

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TikTok Video Ad

Antonette Wilkins

I will create a 15-30 second video featuring your product.


857 reach

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30-60 Second Video

Nicole de la Cruz

30-60 second video reviewing product or incorporating product/company into skit.


75K reach

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Tiktok branded comedy video

Cate Douglas (undercovercate)

I will include the brand into my videos which usually go viral.

$200 $100 deposit

33K reach

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Funny Attractive UCSB students product opinions

Ryan Nelson

In sunny Santa Barbara, funny attractive students give funny opinions on product


20K reach

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One TikTok post featuring your brand or product

Tiff and Gabe

We will create a custom TikTok mentioning your company and/or hashtags.

$250 $125 deposit

205K reach