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Caleb Reth: Comedy Videos and Fast-paced entertainment,

Caleb Reth

Creating a custom video to showcase your product with my followers!

$400 $100 deposit

200K reach

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Custom Brand Campaign

The Dance of Cinema

Creating a unique, aesthetic, engaging post about your brand for my followers!


100K reach

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$250 $125 deposit

92.8K reach

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Red Carpet & Event Coverage


As a TV Host & Influencer-- I will host & cover your entire event.

$5K $2K deposit

86K reach

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Comedic TikToks about Gaming, History, and much more!

Colby DeFelice

Comedic or serious TikToks advertising your product to my 70k+ audience


73.9K reach

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Post on Twitter

Flickering Myth

A post on Flickering Myth's Twitter account.


61.5K reach

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Sponsored Twitter Post


We will make a post on our Twitter account about your product, event or campaign


60K reach

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promote your company on Tiktok


I will promote you on my profile and make videos promoting you


59K reach

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Geek & Nerd Comedy and Commentary

Readus 101

Sharing your geeky pop culture products and services to over 40,000 followers

$600 $300 deposit

40.5K reach

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Product Endorsement

Quiz Panda

I'll feature your products in my TikTok videos and include your link in my bio!


34.7K reach