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Three integrated tweets promoting your brand!

We'll organically integrate your promotion into three tweets to our followers.


8.6K reach

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15 Second Host Read Pre-roll Ad - For ONE Episode

Shelf Addiction

Advertise your book, product, or service in the form of a scripted pre-roll ad.


4K reach

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Live/Edited Unboxing Video of your Product!


We will open your product and react to it while showing it off to our audience!


14K reach

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Sponsored Facebook Post


We will make a post on our Facebook page about your product, event or campaign


3.6K reach

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Sponsored Twitter Post


We will make a post on our Twitter account about your product, event or campaign


60K reach

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Post on Twitter

Flickering Myth

A post on Flickering Myth's Twitter account.


61.5K reach

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Movies: First Look!

Carlos Ferro

1 to 3 minute video with my first impressions of your movie or trailer!


12K reach

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Instagram Stories !

Cosplay in America

Promote your event/product in my Instagram Story feed.


45.9K reach

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Cosplay in America

I will promote your event / product on my Twitter.


27K reach