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creative tik tok video


using popular trends or songs to bring attention to your product.


300 reach

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BradyYourTutor 130,000 Followers


Creating a TikTok showing off your product or service and your offer


85K reach

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A Custom TikTok Video


Your product featured in an aesthetic & descriptive 15 to 60 second TikTok video


20K reach

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Promate your product

angelica burr

I'm promating your product to my follower for they buy them


361 reach

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Sponsored YouTube Video

Mimi Bascom

I will feature your product/brand at the beginning of a YouTube video.


1.7K reach

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Sponsor #collegebasketball or NBA Show


I will produce a weekly Basketball show this season - your choice NCAA or NBA

$5K $2.5K deposit

250K reach

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Dress a castmember!

New Dogs, Old Tricks

One of our actors will wear your apparel and share it on their social media

$2.5K $1.2K deposit

500K reach