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Creates high-quality health and nutrition content for 219k TikTok followers.

$1.1K $273 deposit

219K reach

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Creative BBQ recipes, educational and hilarious

Ted Reader

will cook with your product and testify its quality to a large audience.

$650 $325 deposit

150K reach

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$500 $250 deposit

470K reach

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Vegan Food/Health Content & Recipe Creator

The Vegan Momma

Sharing a creative first look, taste, or recipe of your food and health product!


10.6K reach

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Foodie Finds


Sharing a mouth watering shot of your food products or restaurant!

$300 $60 deposit

11.7K reach

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Food Photography

Derek Lai

Sharing a first taste of your food products or restaurant!


29.8K reach

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Taste test on Tiktok or Instagram!

Michelle Cheung

Sharing a first taste of your food products or restaurant!


7.5K reach

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First taste!!


Sharing a first taste of your food products, restaurant or beverage!


35.7K reach

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Cocktail Creation/Food Recipe

Lauren K

Will mix a custom cocktail or cook a custom meal with your products!


37.8K reach

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Food Review

twittany van

I will promote your products. Especially if it's food.


37K reach