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Video promoting on my tiktok and Instagram as well as reviewing an testing.


12.7K reach

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A comedy/health and wellness profile that’s lgbtq+


I’ll be making a video promoting the company or product to all my followers

$1K $500 deposit

900K reach

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Makeup/Skincare product review

The Mommy Misfit

Video review posted to Instagram and Tiktok and promoted using Instagram stories

$400 $80 deposit

137.4K reach

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Health and Wellness Reviews!

Breanna Carden

Video review posted to Instagram feed and promoted using Instagram stories,


6K reach

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Ari's Tiktok Tutorials and Reviews

Ari Rose Beauty

A creative colorful look post and how-to and/or review video on Tiktok


10K reach

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Skin Care Video


Sponsors have the opportunity to place a product in a 15-30 second TikTok video.


250K reach

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Let Me Do A Review of Your Product!


Video review posted to TikTok to over 60,000 followers! Over 13 Million Views!

$350 $70 deposit

60K reach

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30-60 Second Video

Nicole de la Cruz

30-60 second video reviewing product or incorporating product/company into skit.


24K reach

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A TikTok Video of your Product

Brittan Hughes

Use my skills to create a 30 or 60 second video dedicated to your product.


23K reach

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Using your product in a TikTok post.


I can highlight your product and give a shout out, or just use it subtly.

$750 $112 deposit

157.7K reach