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Funny Nurse/Mom with large TikTok following for your brand


I will create content for you that sends my followers to your product/service.


200K reach

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Unique and Fun Tiktok featuring your brand or product.


I will create a review/trendy artistic content featuring your product or brand.


16K reach

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Beauty and Fashion

Aaliyah Wasko

Reviewing and sharing beauty and fashion products to my followers


28K reach

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TikTok Featuring your Product!

Gracie Cunningham

I will make my content with your product in the video!


31.7K reach

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Five separate TikToks that display your product.


Five TikToks (1 a day) that feature, but not focus on, your product


211K reach

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One dedicated video to promote your product.


A full-length TikTok made to show-off and cleverly promote your product/service.


211K reach

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I will review beauty or wellness products

Livid Lilacs

Video review posted to Tik Tok feed and promoted using Instagram stories


54.8K reach

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Fitness and Motivation

Dawn Melissa

I will create high energy videos modeling or featuring your attire or product.


5K reach

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Instagram Product, Hotel or Food Review

Dawn Melissa

I'll introduce your product, hotel or food to my audience with a post and story.


8K reach

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One time Sponsering Post


I will do one Tiktok Post using your product, sharing the code and site info


39.5K reach

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POV (point of view) TikToks

Brennen Van (POV Tiktok Influencer)

I will create a tiktok talking about your product Or use your music in my video


432K reach

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Trendy Fashion Post


Got the presets covered to make sure your brand will be seen and wanted

$300 $150 deposit

28.6K reach