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Lets create TikTok content for your brand!

Tory Hatcher

Tory is known for Disney inspired videos, cottage core content, musical theater

$800 $400 deposit

300K reach

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Silver Sponsor

Royalette Dance Team

Everything in the Bronze package, along with an ad in our program and a plaque.


25K reach

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creative tik tok video


using popular trends or songs to bring attention to your product.


300 reach

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Tik Tok featuring your product

Hayden is Formica

I will use your product in the video and tell my viewers where they can get one.


5K reach

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Product Promotion x 1 Unique Video

Emily Condon

I will create 1 TikTok video showing off and trying your product.


20K reach

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Product Promotion x 3 Unique Videos

Emily Condon

I will create 3 TikTok videos showing off and trying your product.


20K reach

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Create a unique Tiktok featuring your product.


Create a one of a kind video to display your products with links in description


25K reach

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Small Business

Kumari Suraj

High quality video content selling your product or convening your message.

$500 $250 deposit

100K reach

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Jayraj Gill: Comedy Videos + Real Talk/Motivational Content

Jayraj Gill

Promoting your brand through comedy, inspiration, and fun to young South Asians


15K reach

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Nathan’s TikTok Promotion Package

Nathan Kousol

I will promote products by wearing the product in a video or talking about it.

$500 $125 deposit

370K reach