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TikTok Product Promotion


I will promote your product on my page and shout you out!

$10K $5K deposit

3.7M reach

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Brand promotion

Osha and Ainsley's videos

We will promote your brand or product and describe its positive features


360K reach

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Product Placement in my Video


I will place your company's product in the foreground of my video


300K reach

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Looking to advertise any brand.


I will advertise your product, website, brand.... In a 15 second video.

$365 $182 deposit

120K reach

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One time Sponsering Post


I will do one Tiktok Post using your product, sharing the code and site info


61.7K reach

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Dancing videos

Kenneth Kreitz

Supporting, advertising, giving advice for companies.


1.1K reach

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TikTok Comedy/anime content sponsored posts


i Will Create a TikTok video of me wearing your product and promoting it


10K reach