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Facebook Sponsored Post

Melonie Mac

Post an image or video showcasing the Sponsor's brand/ product


800K reach

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PDGC Title Sponsor

Power-Up Digital Games Conference

Full sponsorship, featuring your product at our digital game conference

$1K $500 deposit

1K reach

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Creative sponsor


I dont want money, i wasn’t opportunities to have fun and explore, in your name.


30K reach

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Tiktok Fortnite Videos

dsore102 on Tiktok

I am creating consistent Fortnite videos with an average of 150k views a video.


100K reach

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Gaming Video


I make small gaming views that get 500 - 1M views


7.8K reach

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I make Anime content on tiktok.


I can spread awareness of your products and company.

$200 $100 deposit

10K reach

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Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences


I will dedicate a 60 sec. video to review your product or service.


1.2M reach

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I’m making videos of Fortnite


I will make a tik tok video advertising your brand or what you want sponsored


8K reach

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A great follower base an views

Josh Thompson

I could include one of your products in a video that can get 1.8 million views


20K reach

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Promote Your Music on my Tiktok!


I will create a 15-30 second video promoting your music


10K reach