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James Flux's "TikTok News Channel" Package

James Flux

I will promote/explain your game to my audience positively and informatively.


10.6K reach

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Tiktok Video Sketch or Advertisement


I will promote your product through an ad or sketch. Preferably comedic.


100K reach

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Shoutout and Promote your brand in a Tiktok video


We will promote your product and people will be interested and buy it hopefully.


51.1K reach

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Tiktok post

Josh Thompson

I could include your product/mention an could bring in 100k+ customers


200K reach

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A great follower base an views

Josh Thompson

I could include one of your products in a video that can get 1.8 million views


20K reach

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Beabloxx's "video ad creation" TikTok package


TikTok video featuring your product! I'll incorporate the product into a video.

$1.5K $750 deposit

366K reach

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Comedic TikToks about Gaming, History, and much more!

Colby DeFelice

Comedic or serious TikToks advertising your product to my 70k+ audience


73.9K reach

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We are creating videos and clips of the games we play

Jmal Fifa

We will be shouting u out in all our vids and saying why your product are sogood


5K reach