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Sharing/Creating content for you :)

$300 $150 deposit

2K reach

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A lip-syncing video that broadcasts your product


I will choose a cool TikTok sound to try-on, unbox and show off your product


3.8K reach

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2023 Fashion Week Sponsorship

Alaina (Lainey) Martinez

Let me promote your brand on ALL social platforms as I prepare for Fashion Week!

$15K $7.5K deposit

26K reach

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Hobby supply review


I will make short form content reviews of models and painting supplies


600 reach

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Album Sponsor

Ricardo Santiago Soto

Permanent native advertising text of sponsor name on Official Site music wall


24.4K reach

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Vibing With DavenEmpire


Just a gamer, pop culture lover and a person who like to have fun in life


100 reach

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Food & Beverage - Custom Instagram Post


Sharing a first taste of your food products or restaurant!


3K reach

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Seperate blog for your Product


I have a website where I do blogging. I can make a seperate blog for yourProduct


20K reach

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Wy Files Podcast Ad Campaign

Wy Files Podcast

VIDEO Podcast Ad Reads on our YouTube, Instagram, Spotify & Apple Podcasts


50K reach