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Makeup Look Selfie Photos


A creative makeup look with product and story post!


147.1K reach

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Men's Fashion, Athletic, or Lifestyle Post

Jack Jerry

I will create a captivating Men's Fashion, Athletic, or Daily Lifestyle Post

$400 $200 deposit

80K reach

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Tech Product Instagram and Story Post

Alex Hager

I will promote and model your tech gadget or product.


106K reach

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"Songs Explained" Single Episode Title Sponsorship


Be an opening title sponsor of our "Songs Explained" series episode!


3.6K reach

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Acrobatic TikTok Video Post

Kelianne Stankus

I will create an acrobatic video on TikTok with your product or service.


1.9M reach

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I'll wear your brand


Willing to wear your brand to major pop culture events and post selfies


5K reach

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$350 $175 deposit

325K reach

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Video, Song Requests, Originals & Covers

Aaron Hahn

Video sponsoring and highlighting your products in a song on YouTube

$500 $250 deposit

1K reach

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A Custom Cocktail Creation

Mike Prasad

Your spirit in a custom cocktail recipe on Instagram!


9K reach

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Civics, Education, & Tech Thoughts

Michael Agustin

Tweets about civTech to creatives, impact and entrepreneur audience.


1.4K reach

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Model Cat Supports your Company

Bella the Short-Haired Wonder

Will feature your company or product in a picture or video with my adorable cat


10K reach

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Custom fashion/accessory/costume post!

Milynn Sarley

A customized post to show case your product best and IG story post!


38.4K reach

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Clinical Nutrition Services

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition

Optimize health through use of diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations


5K reach

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$500 $250 deposit

100K reach