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Cinematic Extreme Fitness Video Promo

Tony Surphman

A cinematic extreme fitness video with your brand, filmed, edited, and posted!

$1K $500 deposit

128.4K reach

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Dedicated Swimwear Feature

Joia John

Package includes 1 dedicated Instagram post and 2 dedicated Instagram stories

$400 $100 deposit

66.2K reach

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Foolproof Kitchen Tools For Beginners - Let's Show 'Em

Granny PottyMouth

Demo of a Basic Kitchen Gadget For Klueless Kitchen Klutzes - Beginners Love Me

$950 $475 deposit

1M reach

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Mens Fitness Instagram and Story Post

Alex Hager

I will model or wear your fitness piece or accessory.


106K reach

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Travel Takeover!

Summer Allen

Let me promote your travel destination to my audience!


108K reach

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TikTok Comedy/Music Video Skit

Austin Hare

Using my platform TikTok / Formally

$900 $270 deposit

205K reach

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Branded Overlay Takeover


Your 'sponsored by' message on our Community Pets slideshow


12.6K reach

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Happy Foodie that will review and post about restaurant


I bring the joy of food with a smile, humor and passion for showcasing


2K reach

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Sponsored YouTube Video

Mimi Bascom

I will feature your product/brand at the beginning of a YouTube video.


1.7K reach

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Instagram Story

Mimi Bascom

I will create an Instagram Story dedicated to your product/brand.


5.5K reach

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Instagram Photo Post and Story

Mimi Bascom

I will create an Instagram photo post and Story dedicated to your product/brand.


5.5K reach